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Found in the beautiful city of Florence, Italy; Moratti has now become a point of reference for its extraordinary creations. Each of our designs are a result of an exhilarating journey between multi ethnic cultures and influences, through nature. Translated into reality by the hands of fine Italian Craftsmen, each Moratti masterpiece is a work of art brought to life and tells a different story, a story which we are now proud enough to share with you.. Underlining the refined elegance as characteristics of the jewelry, Moratti revises the classical styles in its own manifold multicolored way.
Our goal is to recognize the seductive grace, the feminine charm, the women as a universal icon of beauty and style. For the women in you, we want our diamonds and precious stones to accompany you every day and also during the most precious moments of your life. With our jewelry we encourage you to be what you actually are: brilliant, free, sensual, dazzling, audacious, glamorous… without limit. To be wonderfully you.
Our ode is to create jewelry with the desire to give every woman something exceptional and unmistakable. Each collection speaks of desire, giving life to a dream and promoting a tiny yet infinitely immense world of emotion and treasured elegance. Moratti is the new doyen of exquisite jewelry which resonates with sophistication and an element of surprise.
Moratti works daily to pursue perfection and shape a universe of jewelry that is unforgettable. Blending the inspirations of the East and the West to create a perfect synergy between fashion and jewelry, ideal to satisfy the modern and elegant woman to celebrate femininity in all its beauty and sensuality.

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